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Niki holds scheduled yoga classes every week at a variety of public yoga studios around Los Angeles.

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Check out the weekly class schedule that Niki offers to the greater Los Angeles area.

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Calendar of upcoming specialty classes, intensive workshops and meditative yoga retreats.

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One on one sessions, coaching and personal development programs for physical and spiritual advancement.

Featured Event

Relaxation Residency: Making a Habit of R & R 

How many times have told yourself, “I’m too busy to do yoga right now,” or “I’ll practice/get a massage/take a vacation when the timing is better?”

We know that stress can take its toll. We know that daily self-care improves mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes we fall short creating routines that stick.

Niki is launching an incredible 4-week course with a fun 60 page, step-by-step guide to make your good intentions for a healthier and more relaxed life, into good habits.

Begins March 3rd at 1:30pm


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