Discover the Light, Inside.
Yoga Class with Niki
Discover the Light, Inside.
Discover the Light, Inside.
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yoga classes in los angelesWEEKLY YOGA CLASSES

Niki holds scheduled yoga classes every week at a variety of public yoga studios around Los Angeles. Check out her Class Schedule »

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Niki Saccareccia began her work in 2008 as a therapist and author. Niki’s attention to detail and concise delivery will support you as a student, teacher or professional. You’ll learn the foundations of practice, explore the nature of consciousness, change your habits, and learn accessible meditative exercises. Learn More »


Traditionally, the Yogic Way was passed down from one teacher to one student, where the lessons were administered based on the students specific needs and goals. Every body and every mind is unique – your yoga practice must reflect this individualized nature in order to be fully rewarding. Private yoga sessions are one of the best ways to go deep into the practice, safely and authentically.
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For most of us in the West, Yoga poses are the gatekeeper’s to the greater world of Yoga . Of course, Yoga is more than making shapes with the body. Yoga is a lifestyle and methodology. If your curiosity has been piqued while on the mat about this physical discipline steeped in centuries of history, culture and conscience, this part of the site will lead you on to deeper study. Use these articles, posts and blogs to further your understanding of this ancient Eastern science, and to stir more curiosity for your evolving yogic life! See my latest yoga posts »