“The Sweet Dreamer”

On Having a Dream

“The Sweet Dreamer,” is a children’s picture book that introduces us to the Dreamer and shares her message of being playful, staying brave and following fantasy in order to make a world worth living in. Meant for children and needed by adults!

This project was fully backed by a Kickstarter campaign. All first and second print editions have been sold! If you are a publisher or agent, please get in touch with me directly to collaborate.

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“We the Peoples: The Bus, The Journey, The Lessons”

On Peaceful Co-Existence

During high school, Niki was involved in student diplomacy. In 2001, she was awarded one of five leadership delegations from the state of Florida to join in a 10-day retreat to the United Nations with 30 other students like her from around the globe.

This book was co-authored by Niki and another Floridian delegate over the next 8 years to recapture their enlightening journey on learning how to bridge the gaps of religious, social, class and cultural prejudices. Part memoir, part argument, they tell the story of 30 students on a trip of self-discovery and the positive implications that globalization has for human connection.

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Private sessions taught me how to be mindful of my health and happiness in my personal and professional life.

The first restorative yoga class I took with Niki at Black Dog Yoga I knew she was a "unique" instructor. What impressed me was her approach to instructing, her descriptive words and vocabulary and how she communicated with the class and shared her knowledge of body and mind. You felt as if she was guiding and speaking to you specifically.

I was fortunate that my daughter gave me Private Sessions with Niki for Christmas two years ago to work on my posture, flexibility and presence. Niki taught me how to be mindful of my health and happiness in my personal and professional life. She continues to keep me on track each Sunday morning!

I know how good I feel and how Niki has changed my life with her personal attention and friendship. "

Gerri C.
Client since 2015

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