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Session Length

60 minute sessions. Special arrangements can be made for longer or shorter lessons depending on your goals, health status and scheduling needs.


Due to variability in both your schedule and mine, availability can best be determined by contacting me directly.


Private lessons can take place in your home, a conducive outdoor setting, your office, or a local yoga studio.


Determined by the length of session and location. Rates are discounted when a bundle of 4 or more classes are purchased in advance. Please contact me directly for more information. All sessions honor a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Cultivating a healthy student-teacher relationship has historically been the fastest and most sustainable way to live a yogic life. Getting to know someone on a deeper level takes time and commitment. This is the essence of Sri Krishnamacharya’s teachings – to teach yoga for the individual, based on their needs and lifestyle.

What To Expect

  • Connection to the essence of the Yoga methodology
  • An authentic examination into your personal practice – how you integrate the philosophy, mechanics, alignment and mental exercises to fully express Yoga
  • A deep understanding of your habits, tendencies, needs, strengths and personality
  • Tools to: reduce stress, increase strength, flexibility, manage change and prevent pain
  • To advance your relaxation, creativity, physical and mental abilities
  • Increased stamina, self-love, self-care, discipline and willpower
  • Development of a home practice
  • Tailored information and lesson plans that suit your specific goals, wants and needs
  • Personal time with a knowledgeable teacher


  • People who are recovering from surgery, ailment, injury, mental or emotional trauma
  • New students who prefer a personalized introduction to the method, poses, practices and exercises
  • People who learn better in privacy and with lots of attention
  • People whose schedules prevent them from accessing public classes
  • People who often practice in the class setting: take a series of individualized sessions to refine your practice, or target specific goals that cannot be addressed in the group setting.


We each have a distinctive mental, physical, and spiritual level that develops out of our thoughts, environment, behaviors and beliefs. This is why we need one-on-one instruction.

While we are all human, no two of us are so similar that we can be taught the same thing in the same way. Yoga is a personal journey into the creation of a healthy mind-body system, and the subtle shifts and transformations are taught to be observed in this personal manner. Personalized yoga is based on these specific needs, and is meant to be followed daily.

This is the traditional yoga philosophy of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, his son T.K.V. Desikachar, my teachers, Mark Whitwell and Leslie Kaminoff, and me.

“In this process, the student consults the teacher regularly and practices what is specifically designed for them, daily. The student provides feedback so that the practice can be polished and made more individually specific, as required…Yoga should always be adapted to the requirements, situations and goals of each individual, never the individual to fit the yoga.” Mark Whitwell

To begin your one-to-one yoga with Niki, let her know you are interested »

*The yoga therapy components of Niki’ s instruction are based on her certification as a Clinical Behavior Therapist, not derived from her status as an RYT ® with Yoga Alliance Registry. Niki does not diagnose mental or physical health conditions; she simply provides a service that restores general health and well being using tools from Applied Behavioral Analysis and Behaviorism.

Small Group Private Lessons
Have you ever had the thought that a yoga class would be even better if you were surrounded by all the people you like the most?

Small group private lessons are ideal for refreshing yourself and your loved ones in a more intimate setting. These are custom designed classes held at the location of your choice – a favorite home, yard, park, beach or studio. This is a great option for a birthday party, bachelorette party, sorority event, anniversary gift, holiday gift or event, or a team party.

Rates for Small Group Privates at the studio include a rental fee.

Contact Niki for scheduling and more information »

Teacher Training & Mentoring

Niki is available to co-lead and guest teach within your studio’s teacher training program. Email her to let her know!

Mentoring services including business coaching, auditing classes, assisting in workshops and classes, and class observations are available for current and enrolled Yoga Teacher Trainers. Visit Niki’s profile on Yoga Alliance for her credentials and to understand the YACEP requirements, as she offers Continuing Education Units to all qualified professionals.


[Niki] puts her heart into each session.

Niki is one of those rare teachers who puts her heart into each session, works from deep within and transmits her expertise by gently awakening our minds and bodies to exciting new levels of awareness.

Anne S.

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