thanks for reigniting my passion for the practice

I just wanted to thank you ...

I’m training for a climb on mt Rainer this summer and need to incorporate the work that yoga and meditation provides. I’ve got a solid meditation practice but just recently made my way back onto the mat.  It seems whenever I come back I’m reminded how much I miss it . In particular your work with posture and breath is awesome for me . So thanks for reigniting my passion for the practice .

Stoked, your the best !

Peace be with you - Tom


I have been  going to Niki's Gentle Yoga/Healthy Back classes for several years now

I have been  going to Niki's Gentle Yoga/Healthy Back classes for several years now, and it has provided me with such ongoing acquisitions such as:release from joint pain, knowledge of breathing techniques coupled with meditation, and stretching intermingled with strengthening yoga postures. The sum of all this has enhanced peace of mind, triggered true relaxation, greater happiness, acquisition of better coping skills and handling stress. Increased body awareness through mindfulness and breath pacing has also emerged.

Niki's intelligence, experience and expertise in teaching yoga flows through her calm, soothing, poetic voice and ability to gauge how we may be feeling physically as we move through space and on the mat. To accommodate individual needs, she provides us with varying choices for postures during our practice as well.

Anita Pinkser

you are a phenomenal teacher

I continue to believe that you are a phenomenal teacher.  You are deeply versed in your subject matter.  You bring a seriousness of purpose to your classes that is contagious, and you do a wonderful job of explaining, or getting us to intuit complex concepts. So from one teacher to another, thanks! Keep up the good work! You help a lot of people, and I consider myself truly blessed to have been one of your students.

E. Greenberg

Gentle teacher and lovely studio

Niki is such a wonderful teacher... she is ever so gentle and pays a lot of attention to every student. After a few sessions I could feel my alignment improve, and all without feeling strain in my bad knees. She is able to set the tone for me to relax, in order to truly enjoy the benefits of yoga.

She seems to know how our competitive, self- judgmental thoughts may cause us to rush

Niki adorns the yoga studio with her loveliness in every way possible; by her presence, demeanor,
soothing voice, knowledge and expertise in guiding us through our practice of breathing and moving through our poses. She somehow seems to know how our bodies will feel, and how our competitive, self- judgmental thoughts may in turn cause us to rush through our poses, certainly not yoga-like. Therefore, by providing us with viable options, we become more relaxed.

She also gives us an opportunity to insert play time into our practice, moving into different variations of our choice, as we listen to our bodies. Niki epitomizes what a skilled, perceptive and gentle yoga instructor represents. Even her music selections enhance our practice!

Niki - our minds, skeletal system, and musculature thank you. Your welcoming, caring attitude provides us with a creative, poetic practice for all. You certainly have our backs, and are well suited to help us attain strength, flexibility, and relaxation , coupled with breath control.

With Appreciation and Health for all!

Anita P.

Every time I come out of class I feel relaxed and energized at the same time and I think to myself, this is freaking awesome

I just wanted to take the chance to say T H A N K  Y O U again, for making yoga a great experience and an awesome supplement in my life for a beginner like me. I (and I think all of us do) appreciate your great warm spirit, your sense of humor and your calm manner that lead us through the exercises.

Every time I come out of class I feel relaxed and energized at the same time and I think to myself, this is freaking awesome!

We appreciate what you do. Go on girl!"

Nicci R.

My lower back pain has pretty much gone completely.

I have gotten so much out of your classes. My lower back pain, which came and went regularly, has pretty much gone completely. I do my yogic breathing many times throughout the day, and something as simple as mountain pose, with my feet rooted in the ground (which I can really feel now), gives me an enormous sense of power and stillness. And just bending over to feed the dog or pick something up feels good, like it's deeper and more relaxed.

And that's just the physical stuff. I love your classes because I'm intellectually and even spiritually engaged as well. You teach yoga so holistically that it makes me want to incorporate it in my life in as many ways as I can. It just makes sense.

...thank you for what you do."

Lynne K.

She will inspire you!

Niki's style is grounded in alignment and mindfulness practices. Her attention to detail, concise delivery and experience in the business of yoga make her the perfect "teacher's teacher."

Her knowledge of anatomy and healing through movement and mindfulness will blow you away. She has an uncanny ability to "break things down" to be super understandable, and her compassion and dedication to the yogic lifestyle will ground and inspire you."

Teacher Training Director
Yoga NoHo

A beautiful spirit!

Niki has a beautiful spirit...caring, patient and wonderful, peaceful energy.

Erik W.

...you weave philosophy so seamlessly

I love how you weave philosophy so seamlessly into your class. Thank you for sharing your light!


Private sessions taught me how to be mindful of my health and happiness in my personal and professional life.

The first restorative yoga class I took with Niki at Black Dog Yoga I knew she was a "unique" instructor. What impressed me was her approach to instructing, her descriptive words and vocabulary and how she communicated with the class and shared her knowledge of body and mind. You felt as if she was guiding and speaking to you specifically.

I was fortunate that my daughter gave me Private Sessions with Niki for Christmas two years ago to work on my posture, flexibility and presence. Niki taught me how to be mindful of my health and happiness in my personal and professional life. She continues to keep me on track each Sunday morning!

I know how good I feel and how Niki has changed my life with her personal attention and friendship. "

Gerri C.
Client since 2015

"Private sessions with Niki are a great complement to class practice. "

Private sessions with Niki are a great complement to class practice. She provides a safe, nurturing environment for exploring how yoga applies to your life. Sessions help you develop a routine that you can do at home or while out of town and include some instruction on the philosophy of yoga.

Niki understands that yoga extends far beyond exercise and that a practice can foster profound emotional and spiritual transformation. Her extensive background in psychology and yoga undergirds the integrity of her work. Niki provides marvelous support for your yoga journey and how it can inform all aspects of your experience."

Lise P.

I have found your class to be invaluable.

I have found your class to be invaluable. You are an exceptional teacher, and I say that as a fellow teacher. Your ability to turn kinetic energy, motion, anatomic structure, and philosophy into comprehensible language and concepts is really great. I am so pleased to have found this class."


Erik G.

...like I just got a massage!

"I have never felt so good after just one class! Wow...I actually feel like I just got a massage! My body feels so light and good! Thank you, Niki!"


Stephanie M.

Nothing like it!

"I took Niki's class when I was too late to join my normal class (L.A. traffic is the worst!) She taught about the shoulders and made the whole class around making them more flexible and stronger. My vinyasa never felt so good! I also slept like a baby that night. She is amazing!"

Kathleen M.


"Niki's got a lovely way about her. She is kind, patient, and knows her stuff! I took her Beginner's class at Black Dog Yoga. Though I am not a beginner, I am going to take this class a lot! I felt things that I've never felt before and have a true feeling for the power that comes from proper alignment. Wow! What a difference! Thank you, Niki, for being a fantastic teacher and utter professional!"

Karen P.

I was impressed!

"I really didn't expect to enjoy her class so much. I had done yoga years ago and liked how I felt afterwards but didn't really learn a lot from the teacher. Niki has a gift! I felt like I got a great work out, and learned about yoga, too. She has a great way about her. I was impressed!"

Katherine P.

Cutting edge yoga!

"Awesome workshops, brilliant teaching, cutting edge yoga!"


Daniel K, 500RYT
Yoga Garden San Fran - Anatomy Module I

I fell in love with yoga!

I've taken a handful of classes over the last year and wasn't sold. But you sold me! I fell in love with yoga and will be back! I feel so good, I can't believe it. Thank you.

Kelsey M.

Game changer.

Jennifer P.
Footsie Yoga Workshop

...doctor recommended yoga for stress...

"Friends and my doctor recommended yoga for stress. I am shy and nervous. I have a very hard time with social interactions. The welcoming, accepting atmosphere here is probably the only way I could have ever started yoga.

The very first class I took was with Niki and was shocked to find out that a yoga class leaves you feeling like you've had both a massage and a workout. Yoga is now my obsession."

Joanna B.

"I'm a huge fan... now my mother attends her classes..."

I have had the delight and honor of being instructed and guided through my yoga practice with Niki Saccacceria on several occasions. Niki has a unique and eloquent way with her words. She is soft spoken yet she commands the room with her fierce passion and knowledge of the body/mind connection.

I respond so deeply to her style of teaching, as though I am being transported out of the craziness of my mind and led through a practice where movement and breathe run the course.

Niki is truly a master of her craft, because she takes the time to understand body mechanics and anatomical structure. I'm a huge fan of Niki, so much that now my mother attends her classes on a weekly basis. Thanks Niki for your continuous dedication to yoga as therapy and a way of life.

Rachel Pagan

E-200 RYT

I love Niki's yoga class!

I love Niki's yoga class! I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and I have been teaching Yoga since March of 2013. In that time, I've taken so many different classes and workshops varying in style and level.

Although I am capable of intermediate or advanced classes, I feel like I get so much out of Niki's "Yoga for Beginners" and "Gentle Yoga" classes. Her explanations are concise and poetic, her approach is very therapeutic, and physically engaging, while at the same time conveying the essence of Yoga (which in my opinion is most important).

By teaching us how to breathe fully, relate to ourselves in a very loving way, and breaking down the poses in ways that make sense, she really makes the practice accessible to people who are brand new to yoga and has a lot to offer people who have been practicing for years. To me, her beginner classes are advanced Yoga!

Rob Guilmette

Niki is a light! She makes my day better.

Jonsi M.

I loved your class!

I like the fast, sweaty yoga, but I loved your class! It was hard, and it felt really good. For the first time, ever, I was able to meditate - my mind just got really quiet...and I was actually a little sore the next day, too!

Suzanne T.

I have been blessed in finding Niki as a teacher.

Coming back to yoga after being away from it for much too long, I have been blessed in finding Niki as a teacher. Through her guidance, I have been able to reconnect to my practice on a level so much more enlightened than where I left off. Her instruction is specific and soulful. From her first cue of class, I feel I’m being led through a series of movements that's bringing me not only in touch with the physical integrity of the pose, but also to a spiritual realignment. I am profoundly touched by this wonderful teacher’s direction.

Keith Barber

I love her beginners class.

I love her beginners class. Sometimes I take it when I'm a little run down. It's very soothing, and sometimes I am shocked by how challenging holding pieces of poses and adding more and more onto them is!

Danielle B.

I am so grateful.

I first took the “Nail It-Handstand Workshop” last year with Niki and Jen. At that point, I had been suffering from severe tennis and golfer’s elbow for about 18 months. Being both a pole teacher and competitive volleyball player, I was constantly exacerbating the injury. In desperation, I had tried every cream, brace and contraption on the market, but could not seem to find relief. At their handstand workshop, I learned how to connect my hands to the muscles in my back and lats, instead of relying so much on my forearms. By practicing their technique, I found the pain in my elbows lessening until one day I forgot I even had a problem. I still occasionally feel a twinge when I teach too many classes in a row or play in a big tournament. But I do a few handstands daily and focus on making the connection between my hands and core and the pain is relieved, as if by a miracle. I am so grateful for their teachings and will continue to practice my handstands!

Claudia Choi

Niki is my fave because she is the most patient.

...Niki is my fave because she is the most patient. Her classes cater to ANYONE. Despite my having an Intermediate/Strong practice, i go to her classes to add some YIN to my YANG.

Kat R.

You will float out of the room!

An expert at safely guiding you into and out of poses, Niki offers optional modifications if you need them, and encourages you to go deeper if you're ready. She opens her class with a guided introduction to the breath, which sets a wonderful meditative foundation for the practice. If you're a more advanced practitioner, this class allows you to back off and go into deeper exploration of breath and body, perhaps illuminating certain habits and tendencies that have crept into your practice.

If you're coming back from an injury, Niki is quick to give you options and help in every pose. And, most important, if you are pretty new to yoga she will help you begin to understand your body and the poses with the right attention to alignment so you'll be ready to move into more challenging asana (should you choose to) in a safe way that makes sense in your body. Better not to develop those bad habits in the first place.

I am most impressed by how she is able to weave the breath, key yogic concepts, and alignment without making you feel overloaded. If she is using Sanskrit (ancient language of yoga) she always follows up with the English translation or explains why you're doing something in a certain way. This is good foundational yoga!

On top of that, her background in clinical psychology ensures a sense of safety and security in class. She is committed to giving her students a healing and therapeutic experience. You will float out of the room!

Sigrid Matthews
Yoga Director of Black Dog Yoga

No one can hold a candle to her teaching. She has helped me so much.

Michael E.

Her teaching style blew me away.

I remember the first time I practiced with Niki Saccareccia. Her teaching style blew me away and I knew that this was a teacher who would consistently challenge me and help guide me into better health and understanding of my physical body. She is exquisitely detailed in her guidance, allowing the student to be simply that, a student. She is a true teacher. I've been to many yoga classes where you are being told what to do constantly, but Niki tells you why and how to make it for your body. Yoga is a journey into one's self and Niki is an excellent tour guide.

If you speak with her, you'll see kindness with a gentle warrior standing before you. You'll hear someone who has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the human body as well as all of its subtle systems. When you leave one of her classes, you don't feel a 'workout', you feel as though you now know something more about your body, a feeling of liveliness, and encouragement from this standpoint that is priceless.

I enjoy being a nerd about things I love, Niki is an excellent teacher for someone who doesn't want to simply be a sheep/sleep in their yoga practice. She encourages you to be your own best teacher and that to me means that she is truly a great teacher.

If you ever have the simple pleasure of practicing with this fine woman/teacher/yogi, your practice will take a giant step forward in a positive and gentle direction. I'm blessed to have been led to her teaching and I have no intention of being without it for a long while.

Victoria Gonzalez

[Niki] puts her heart into each session.

Niki is one of those rare teachers who puts her heart into each session, works from deep within and transmits her expertise by gently awakening our minds and bodies to exciting new levels of awareness.

Anne S.

What a fantastic workshop!

What a fantastic workshop! My practice grew today and I have a whole new focus (between my shoulder blades).

Sherri E.
on 'Take Your Vinyasa (Apart)' Workshop

I have learned SO much from her.

Niki has been the only true beginning instructor I have been to. She really takes the time to teach positions, breathing, exactly what you should be focusing on, etc. I have learned SO much from her. She also has a great calming spirit.

Reece A.

The opening breathing and meditation has been transformational for me.

The opening breathing and meditation has been transformational for me.  I am learning how to quiet my breath and my mind - and for just a few minutes on my mat, to leave my busy life and just breathe.  It has created the emotional space to make some life changes and I fully credit Niki’s nuggets of yoga wisdom for inspiring me.  It sounds corny, but through my yoga practice, I have become more present in my life.

Sherri E.

She has the ability to 'read' a class when she walks in the room.

Our studio’s mantra is 'One Studio for everyone and every 'body.'' Niki truly takes this to heart.  Her workshops are both challenging and extremely fun - the students love her as a teacher.

The beauty is that she is constantly designing new and innovative sessions that are truly multi-level, which is a difficult task.  She has the ability to 'read' a class when she walks in the room and give every person exactly what he or she needs."

Lea Walker
Owner @Aeriform Arts

I really love the way you focus the class on breathing and correct form.

I just started yoga for the first time in my life. I took a few basic classes with other teachers, and then kind of accidentally took yours. But I think you are the best! I really love the way you focus the class on breathing and correct form.

Craig M.

Niki teaches yoga like she was born to do it.

Niki teaches yoga like she was born to do it. It flows out seemingly effortlessly yet , at the same time, you can tell she's put in the time, done the work, & knows her stuff!

Sonia W.

When I happened upon Niki’s class, everything shifted.

I felt like a yoga failure. When I happened upon Niki’s class, everything shifted.  Niki builds the poses from the beginning up.  She acknowledges everyone starting at the same place and then increases the difficulty for those that are stronger.  Her instructions are super clear and she gently corrects us when needed. I trust Niki to guide me in my growing practice.

Sherri E.

I was amazed with how great I felt afterwards!

I’m new to yoga and had a personal session with Niki recently. I have to say that even though I’m really inexperienced, I was amazed with how great I felt afterwards! I noticed that my posture was better for the next few days.

Also, I felt like I had more mental peace and clarity for a few days. I play games competitively which require both good hand-eye coordination and quick decision-making and I felt at ease during my matches with my opponents.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a session with Niki and can’t wait for another one!

Ryan Gutierrez

I always walk away with more inner peace.

I always walk away with more inner peace, stronger body and calmer mind.

Gisele S.
North Hollywood, CA


I love her beginners class.

I love her beginners class. Sometimes I take it when I'm a little run down. It's very soothing, and sometimes I am shocked by how challenging holding pieces of poses and adding more and more onto them is!

Danielle B.

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