Yoga @Work

Since most job sites don’t offer designated nap times and smoke breaks are so 2001, imagine having a Yoga Happy Hour in the conference room. It’s the best next alternative!

“Writing a hit TV show is hard work. That’s why the Teen Wolf writers have started doing yoga. ”

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It is becoming better known that the best corporations give back to their employees with wellness programs and incentives, but no business is too small to enjoy the benefits of higher productivity and less stress.

Yoga @ School

Leading research in the fields of Mindfulness, Child Development and Social Psychology are agreeing that yoga and meditation are helpful tools for children and young adults.

Niki can set up and facilitate semester and school-year programs including progressive curriculum, learning milestones, and syllabus for your school or Charter program. Her background as a Behavior Therapist will ensure that the program is enriched, age appropriate and conducive for a variety of learning types and ability levels.

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Wellness Programs

With the help of you or your HR department, we will assess your company’s needs and then design a custom program to bolster your business.

Contact Niki for a brochure of rates and discounted packages.

Monthly Team Meetings held at Burbank’s #1 Voted Real Estate Agency

Fringe Benefits

Incorporating yoga into your business’ lifestyle is low impact and low maintenance.

It builds team motivation, reduces burnout and curbs mid-day fatigue.

It fosters resiliency against stress-borne illness and sparks creativity.

Builds community and increases productivity


Teams that yoga together, grow together!


All programs require a minimum 8-week commitment in order to provide each client with the best possible preliminary results. One-time events excluded.

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Need Some Proof?

  • Coors Brewing Co. spent $585,000 on a corporate wellness program – saved the company $1.95 million (Source: Business Health)
  • Travelers Ins. Co. received a $3.40 return for every dollar it invested in health promotion, yielding $346 million in total corporate savings per year! (Source: Journal of Occupational Medicine)
  • Companies with prevention programs have seen an average of 28% less sick leave with direct health care costs dropped by 26%. Workers compensation and disability costs dropped 30%. (Source: National Institute of Health)
  • “Executives who work out regularly are actually better decision makers.” – Dr. Gabriel Savendy of Purdue University who studied decision making function of 80 executives over a 9-month period. His research illustrated that fitness level and exercise raised their ability by 22% and by 70% for complex decision making skills compared to non-exercisers.
  • Other companies already on the yoga-at-work-bandwagon: Google, Disney, DreamWorks Entertainment, Nike, HBO, Yahoo, Microsoft, GE, PepsiCo


You will float out of the room!

An expert at safely guiding you into and out of poses, Niki offers optional modifications if you need them, and encourages you to go deeper if you're ready. She opens her class with a guided introduction to the breath, which sets a wonderful meditative foundation for the practice. If you're a more advanced practitioner, this class allows you to back off and go into deeper exploration of breath and body, perhaps illuminating certain habits and tendencies that have crept into your practice.

If you're coming back from an injury, Niki is quick to give you options and help in every pose. And, most important, if you are pretty new to yoga she will help you begin to understand your body and the poses with the right attention to alignment so you'll be ready to move into more challenging asana (should you choose to) in a safe way that makes sense in your body. Better not to develop those bad habits in the first place.

I am most impressed by how she is able to weave the breath, key yogic concepts, and alignment without making you feel overloaded. If she is using Sanskrit (ancient language of yoga) she always follows up with the English translation or explains why you're doing something in a certain way. This is good foundational yoga!

On top of that, her background in clinical psychology ensures a sense of safety and security in class. She is committed to giving her students a healing and therapeutic experience. You will float out of the room!

Sigrid Matthews
Yoga Director of Black Dog Yoga

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