Light Inside Yoga classes and workshops are designed to advance your Yoga practice in a specific area.

Yoga Workshops and Yoga Seminars give the chance for more individualized attention, the opportunity to ask specific questions that speak to your interests and expand your knowledge. Workshops and seminars deepen your understanding of the yogic method by covering a specific topic in greater detail.

Light Inside Yoga classes provide a space to explore different techniques and practices, master postures and learn more about yogic philosophy.

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These are regular, weekly classes. Details on class locations and costs can be found here.

Gentle/Healthy Backs

This is a relaxing class focusing on therapeutic alignment for joint health, emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment. Perfect for beginners or people with chronic pain conditions, and the experienced yogi looking to compliment advanced practices with release and subtle alignment.


An introductory class drawing from all styles of Hatha yoga. Designed specifically for first-time students or those new to yoga – a great foundation for anyone or those coming back to yoga. This class is a strong starting point for newer students seeking to build a strong foundation of posture, breath support and mental stamina.


Our Level 1 class: This is a good place to start to build and maintain a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Beginners are welcome! A little more challenging than Gentle classes. This class is a strong starting point for newer students seeking to build a strong foundation of posture, breath support and mental stamina


Slower paced, easier than Basic and Beginner level. Suitable for beginners or students seeking a gentle practice. Floor-based poses, deep stretching, guided breathing and meditation. Focus is on pain release and boosting energy and strength.


These classes are best suited to undo the effects of stress, anxiety, overuse or neglect of body and for post-injury recovery and other rehabs.

Interested in bringing Niki to your studio? Contact her for details.

Restorative Yoga

Done in a variety of laying down positions, the use of props will help support the body in a series of poses meant to drain tension. Aromatherapy, binaural-entrainment, sound therapy and guided meditation are used to help facilitate total peace of mind and calm the body.

Yoga Nidra: The Ultimate Corpse Pose & Guided Meditation

This special guided meditation lulls the body-mind into a state of “yogic sleep,” tuning the subconscious into focus. This is a deep practice that is rejuvenating to the body and therapeutic for the mind as it helps to “reboot,” the practitioner with more energy and clarity.

Sound Bath Yoga

Gentle style practice, appropriate for all levels including pregnancy and injured/chronically ill practitioners. With a focus on chakra alignment and mantra OR nourishing breath-centered meditation, this course is powerful! We use a combination of poses to rid the body of poor-circulation and congestion and use live acoustic sound baths to enliven the cellular body and streamline the emotional mind.

Mantra-in-Motion Yoga

Chakra consciousness class designed to facilitate your relationship to the experience of subtle-body (aka energetic body) as presented through the Chakra system. This class will explain how sound and noise affects our mind-body, and will include a powerful session of yoga poses, vocal chanting and live singing bowls.


Designed for dancers, aerialists, yogis with an established intermediate practice, and movement artists of all kinds.

Interested in bringing Niki to your studio? Contact her for details.

Make Peace in the Pose: Alignment for Advancing Yogis

These workshops are designed to support basic and intermediate students in their mastery of heart-openers, twists, or standing balance poses. If you are interested in refining a pose, these workshops will help you find your most advanced expression without compromising safety and peace of mind.

Nail It! : Yoga for Dancers

These workshops increase flexibility, balance, and expression in advanced poses that can cause injury when done quickly or incorrectly. Also appropriate for intermediate to advancing yoga practitioners.


[Niki] puts her heart into each session.

Niki is one of those rare teachers who puts her heart into each session, works from deep within and transmits her expertise by gently awakening our minds and bodies to exciting new levels of awareness.

Anne S.

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  1. Sound Bath Yoga

    August 3 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  2. Tuscany Retreat

    August 28 - September 2